Get Stores Calling You to Stock Your Product On Their Shelves

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Are you having to fight to get into new stores and at the same time battle for prime shelf space? Here’s an inside tip about how to turn the tables in the battle for shelf space in retail outlets. It’s called “reverse distribution.”

“Reverse distribution” is a name we’ve coined to describe the phenomenon in which customer demand results in stores calling you to order your product for their shelves.

Let me share this story from one of our clients, Stephen Grubb, President of SoyNut Butter Company. He said:

“The media exposure you got for us resulted in kind of a reverse distribution process. In other words, instead of waiting for stores to carry our product, this publicity campaign created such demand that stores are calling us to order our products – just to satisfy their customers!”

Reverse distribution can create a win-win relationship with retail outlets. Sound simple? With a well-orchestrated publicity campaign, utilizing the power of third party endorsements from the media, it can be. Let me use talk radio as an example since you may already be familiar with its value as a marketing tool. You’re probably aware that recent ARBITRON reports show that news/talk stations consistently rank first in market share among persons 18 and older.

And based on a demographic survey published in Talkers (a talk radio industry publication) concerning the talk radio listener, “…talk radio listeners are diverse, mature, educated, attentive, active and affluent…”

That’s why talk radio is such a dominant marketing tool, and why being featured as a guest is a leading way for you to market your products to a targeted audience.

Using publicity as a marketing tool, you can drive customers into their local stores to request your products. Consult with your PR firm to find out how to get a campaign like this started!

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