Dr. Harold Katz – Founder of The California Breath Clinics

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Dr. Harold Katz is a media trendsetter.

He has turned what anyone else would have called a one-trick pony into a media dynasty. Known around the country as The Bad Breath Doctor, Dr. Katz is a dentist who helped develop a product line called TheraBreath, an anti-bacterial bad breath cure. It is sold in its many forms (breath spray, chewing gum, etc.) in major big-box stores and chain pharmacies around the country. He fuels his sales primarily with media appearances in which he advises people on how to keep their breath fresh.

One of the tools of his trade is a device of his own creation, the Hali-Meter, which assigns a numerical measure to the amount of sulphur in a person’s mouth. Sulphur is the element most responsible for bad breath, so by using the device he can actually rate someone’s bad breath numerically. He uses his advice and the Hali-Meter to promote his message about bad breath, skillfully weaving in references to his product line or his Web site, in such a way that he doesn’t sound like an infomercial. As a result, he is a popular guest on television and radio shows around the country. Over the last few years, we’ve booked Dr. Katz on more than 300 radio shows and dozens of television appearances. His command of how to work well with the media has made his PR campaign the bread and butter of his company’s product marketing.

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