Don’t Ignore The New Names In The Media Landscape

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I’ve shared in the past how excited our team gets whenever we score a big media hit for one of our clients.

What’s interesting these days is the changing nature of some of those hits. Certainly, the New York Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and other traditional print media have always been a part of the mix that sends our enthusiasm into hyperdrive. And they remain so!

But, with the rise of digital media publishers, more and more we are seeing and getting excited about names that were unfamiliar not that long ago, yet reach audiences that rival — or even surpass — those time-honored media giants.

Maybe you’re familiar with a few of them. Refinery29. The Verge. BroBible. Ladders. Or maybe you’re not -– because I wasn’t until recently!

But if you’re still old-school in your media orientation — and are concentrating only on established media for your publicity efforts — it’s time to re-think your universe. These digital publications are fast becoming too big to ignore, and they can play a significant role in promoting your brand.

Let me offer three reasons why you should be thrilled if one of them wants to interview you and share your expertise with the world:

  • Social media sharing. The readers of these digital publications love to share on social media articles that catch their fancy — and that means your appearance in one of them has the potential to gain exposure that gets multiplied several times over. Let me tell you about one recent real-world example. We arranged for one of our clients to be included in a Refinery29 article. The publication itself is viewed monthly by a staggering 16 million people, but the reach for our client didn’t stop there because 103 Facebook users and 16 Twitter users shared the article he appeared in. Some of the people who shared it have massive followings themselves, so the Twitter shares alone resulted in 112,000 impressions!
  • SEO value. Because these are large publications, they have a high ranking in authority when it comes to Google searches. So if you’ve been looking to improve your SEO, this could be the ticket, especially if one of the publications that features you includes a link to your website. You, of course, definitely want to link to their article from your website.
  • Credibility. Being quoted in one of these publications helps add to your credibility because many of them are fast becoming trusted sources for millions of readers. If the publications are seeking your expertise, then readers will come to see you as a trusted source as well, which opens the door to influencer marketing as you build your reputation as a go-to expert in your field.
  • Media follows the media. Remember the Refinery29 article I mentioned earlier? It gets even better. A week later USA Today, which has 37 million unique visitors per month online, reprinted the article and then shared it with 14 sister newspapers across the country, giving our client massive exposure!

Remember the adage that the only thing constant is change? That definitely applies to the media landscape as new digital publications emerge to stand shoulder to shoulder with the print giants of old.

Ignore them at your peril. An opportunity with one of them could be just what you’ve been waiting for — and you didn’t even realize it!

On the cutting edge,


P.S. If you’d like professional help getting coverage in the press, and being interviewed on radio and TV, give us a call. We’ve been providing this service to clients for 28 years. We also offer a comprehensive social media marketing program for select clients, where we do it all for you. If you’re interested in our help, please call us at 727-443-7115 Ext. 231.. We’d love to hear from you!

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