Do Enough Consumers Know your Products Exist?

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This is a great success that one of our clients shared with us after their television segment aired: “We’ve received hundreds of phone calls. Fred Meyer stores and Safeway got bombarded with calls as well! In fact, we had originally been scheduled to start shipping to Fred Meyer sometime in May, but they were so inundated with phone calls as a result of our television appearance they called to ask me what we had done to make their phones ring off the hook! Thanks to the media you booked for us, we’re shipping product to them next week, six weeks earlier than planned!”

Just imagine this happening for you and your company!  Who couldn’t use more qualified leads, increased subscriptions, higher product visibility and more web hits? The power of appearing as a guest on a TV show is undeniable.

But let me ask you two questions. Do you realize that you may be a perfect candidate to appear on local television shows to talk about your products?  And, more importantly, do you realize the enormous impact it can make in terms of product sales and distribution?

Think about it.  Television producers are looking for guests who will entertain and educate their audience.  So if your products solve a common problem that faces the masses then TV could be a great promotional medium for you.  The challenge is getting on the air and that involves knowing how to pitch your segment idea to television producers so they can see the direct benefit to their viewers.  That’s where a professional PR firm comes in.   And let me tell you, after we book our clients on a couple of shows…they can’t seem to get enough!  One of our clients told us:

“The cost benefit analysis of TV is a no brainer.  Not only do you get the benefit of this quality exposure, but the amount of credibility you build is priceless!”

The reason why our clients jump at the opportunity to appear on a TV show is because they understand every television appearance will boost the “buzz” for their products! With TV, every person watching your interview will have a front row seat to your message.  You can show them exactly what your products look like.  You can demonstrate their purpose and value to the viewer.  All while building trust and the almighty “likeability factor” by expertly answering the anchor’s questions about your products.

If you demonstrate competence in all these areas, the audience is more likely to connect with you and buy into the value of your products.  What a great credibility builder for your company!

BUT, the biggest challenge you have is to get noticed by TV producers.  Keep in mind that you are not alone in this “battle for attention.”  There are limited interview slots available with numerous PR firms and companies jockeying for those slots.

So, work with your PR firm to come up with the best angle to get you noticed by the producers. It will be worth the time and effort – you can’t lose!

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