Did Your Publicity Vanish from the News Website?

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Why That Happens & What to Do About It

Getting earned media – publicity that isn’t paid for as advertisements and commercials are – is a sure way to boost your credibility with prospective customers and an excellent means of gaining publicity for yourself, your business or your product.

Being quoted as an expert in a news publication, or interviewed on a TV or radio talk show, is publicity that brands cherish. And for good reason!

To make it even more valuable, I coach everyone that they really must post the articles, videos and recordings, and/or links to them, on their website and share them within their social media networks. If they don’t, they’re getting only a small fraction of the publicity’s potential power. Sharing extends the life of that 7-minute interview for weeks and months and gives that news story an even bigger, broader audience.

But what happens when the story (or interview) disappears from the publication’s (or station’s) website?

I’ve heard it many times: “Marsha, the link to my article doesn’t work anymore! What happened? How will I be able to access it?”

Content disappears all the time, so the most important thing you should do is save a copy of every one of your articles or interviews the first time you see them.

The reasons content is removed are as varied as the publications and TV and radio stations that post them.

  • They may have an editorial policy that requires cleaning house every 30 days, 90 days or once a year.
  • Media companies have been changing hands frequently in recent years, which can lead to changes in archived content.
  • Mass-distributed articles, such as those posted to wire services, may have a short shelf life because of the sheer volume of the content sent out.

To save an article, you’ll want to save it as a PDF file, which preserves the publication context – when and where it was published. Go to CutePDF.com and download the free conversion software to your computer. When you want to save an article as a PDF, click your print button, and choose the PDF icon instead of the printer icon.

For a radio interview, if the station has uploaded your interview as a podcast, you can save it by right-clicking it, clicking “save as,” and choosing mp3.

TV interviews are trickier. You’ll need to hire a clipping service to get a copy, unless you can arrange with the station to provide you one.

Save your own copies of your articles and interviews and you’ll have them to use in your marketing materials, on your website, even framed in your office, for eons to come.

And continue to pursue new publicity so that when prospective customers search online to learn more about you or your business, there will always be plenty of media for them to find.

It can only do your business good!

Saving everything,

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