Could Your Message Hit the Next Media Home Run?

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Just yesterday, Better Homes and Gardens interviewed one of our clients after learning about her from our invitation to review her new book. We were pleased – the 91-year-old magazine is an American institution with 7.6 million readers!

That wasn’t the first great media placement for this client, a psychologist specializing in the emotional health of cancer patients and their loved ones. Less than four weeks into her print campaign, she had more than 35 placements, including five with circulations or views per month in the millions – that doesn’t include Better Homes and Gardens, which hasn’t yet published. It also includes a dozen publications with circulations of more than 100,000.

I’m sharing her story with you because it’s a great example of what can happen to anyone. Our client wasn’t famous and had never before published a book. But the media loved her message because it’s powerful, timely and appeals to a large audience.

Unfortunately, none of us can know for sure whether our message will fly out of the park until we get out there and start swinging. Will it catch the interest of the traditional media – print, TV and radio? Will it inspire followers and sharing on social media?

There’s no foolproof way to predict, but there are certain qualities shared by many success stories that you can use as a measure for a potential home run. We had a good feeling that our psychologist would do very well when she first signed on because she and her message had many of those qualities.

  • She addresses a problem experienced by a large number of people. She isn’t talking just to people who’ve been diagnosed with cancer; she’s talking to their family and friends. Who doesn’t know someone who’s been affected by cancer? That’s a huge potential audience.
  • She offers valuable information. If you’re not giving people real help for solving a problem, they have no reason to pay attention to you. Our client, who’s also doing radio and TV campaigns, did an interview that elicited this email to us from a show producer: “I want to express my gratitude for her sharing her valuable information with our listeners.”
  • She has credentials relevant to her message. Our client holds multiple degrees, including two master’s and a Ph.D, in psychology, social work and related studies. She’s been working as a counselor or psychotherapist for more than 30 years. That tells the media she knows what she’s talking about!

Over the years in her pioneering practice with cancer patients and their families, our client developed effective strategies for helping these people stay positive and reduce their stress and anxiety. In her book, she shares many of these tools in compassionate, plain language.

We launched her print campaign on April 5 with an invitation to review her book. Almost immediately, a reporter from the Toronto Sun (circulation 1.2 million) requested an interview. That resulted in an article published April 18, which was picked up by associate papers across Canada. Three days later, (11.7 million views per month) posted its own article about her book.

Articles about her or her book have appeared in a number of mainstream publications, as well as some targeting her core audience. She was particularly excited about an interview request from Cancer Fighters Thrive, the publication serving Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

“She’s had an amazing start and that’s just what it is – a start,” says Ginny Grimsley, our print campaign manager.

Our client’s success has already opened up opportunities she didn’t anticipate. She’s launching a career as a public speaker, and she’s enjoying broadening her message to include anyone experiencing a painful, life-changing event. She’s gratified to be helping people far beyond the walls of her office.

This client already has had a wild ride, and it’s only just begun.

You can do the same thing if you zero in on the aspect of your message that offers the greatest value to the most people.

You’ll never know until you try!

– Marsha

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