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Zach Abraham

Zach Abraham

Zach Abraham is the Principal and Chief Investment Officer of Bulwark Capital Management, a financial services company based in Tacoma, Wash., which works with individuals, families and businesses to build and protect wealth. That’s a highly competitive industry, and it can be difficult for financial planners and investment strategists to separate themselves from the pack as people search the internet for well-credentialed experts who can give them sound money advice.

Zach has his own local Saturday morning radio show, on which he discusses the financial markets and offers advice on retirement planning. He also writes a blog on his company website. But after more than a decade in the industry, he wondered how he could significantly increase his and his company’s visibility.

The answer was a national print media campaign with News & Experts. Being quoted or featured in print and online publications enables our clients to build their authority in their particular field. The News & Experts team helped Zach do just that, arranging for him to be quoted in numerous national and international articles with other industry experts like himself. Those publications or online sites included Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo Finance Canada. The logos from those recognizable and high-volume media sites are now embossed on Zach’s  company website, heightening his authority as a financial planner and investment strategist. Additionally, Zach made television appearances with Cheddar and Yahoo Finance Live.

It helps that Zach came to News & Experts well-versed in myriad money matters, as well as being an engaging interview on a wide range of financial topics and an experienced speaker at conferences and seminars. But with a successful national media campaign and journalists seeking his knowledge as a well-credentialed expert for their articles, his and his company’s message is speaking more powerfully, and to more people, as he becomes a “go-to” authority in his field.

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