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Jeannette Bajalia

Jeannette Bajalia

As Jeannette Bajalia built her impressive career in the financial services industry, she believed she had something important to say – something others needed to hear about that could shape their lives and provide hope. 

But she knew she needed a bigger platform to communicate her message to more people.

“You journey through your life and professional career thinking that you’re just one voice in a sea of noise around you,” she says. “I thought, if I could just get my message out there and get my voice differentiated in the sea of noise, I can help others.”

News & Experts helped Jeannette share her message across the nation as she continually built her authority in her field. An author, radio host, entrepreneur and financial professional Jeannette’s experience, knowledge, and passion for helping others – especially through her in-depth understanding of women’s finances – reached many more people as a result of her national print campaigns. 

Jeannette was featured and quoted in many well-known publications and online sites such as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily,, the New York Daily News, The Houston Chronicle, The Arizona Republic, Newsmax, and Yahoo!Finance, among others. In all, she garnered over 60 placements in print and online publications, and the potential readership of those platforms exceeded 200 million. 

“I wanted my voice heard from the mountaintops and had pursued ways to communicate my message,” says Jeannette, president of Petros Estate & Retirement Planning, and founder and president of Woman’s Worth®. “I worked really hard locally doing workshops, speaking, and writing, but local wasn’t enough. The work effort was draining, and I didn’t get the results I desired.

“My voice needed to be heard nationally, perhaps internationally, so I sought the professional expertise of News & Experts, thinking that I could get a bite or two of attention. Boy, was I wrong! I got national press and visibility of the highest level and prestige in publications that I would have never dreamed were possibilities. The result: my voice being heard by millions. This national media exposure has given me more media opportunities and greater credibility with my clients. Thanks to News & Experts’ professional expertise working with the media with precision and focusing on the PR and media that is relevant to my message, I now have more doors opening for me.”

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