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Jamie Reynolds

Dr. Jamie Reynolds

Dr. Jamie Reynolds has attained a level of authority in his field to which many professionals aspire. A private practice orthodontist with several office locations in the greater Detroit region, an author, and a national speaker, Dr. Reynolds took his impressive credentials and built his authority level higher with print and radio campaigns at News & Experts.

He was interviewed by or featured in nearly 100 print and online publications, with those placements spanning a wide variety of magazines and newspapers coast-to-coast. His high-tier media placements included Good Housekeeping, The New York Daily News, Marketwatch, Salon, and Yahoo! Finance, and MSN. On radio, Dr. Reynolds was a guest on shows in numerous major media markets, including Chicago, Denver, Detroit, New York, Phoenix, Pittsburgh and San Francisco, and he was also interviewed on nationally syndicated shows such as Biz Talk Radio, LifeTalk Radio Network, Mom Talk Radio, and USA Radio Network. 

Dr. Reynolds’ expertise on myriad topics related to dentistry and orthodontics provided helpful insights and advice to adults, parents and younger people. Whether he was being interviewed in print or on radio, or penning articles on an aspect of his profession,   Dr. Reynolds’ authority continued to grow along with his audience reach. He is recognized as one of the nation’s leading voices on high-tech and accelerated orthodontics. He is also recognized as a civic-minded entrepreneur, having dedicated himself to making orthodontic treatments an affordable option for more people through a national foundation he co-founded and “smile scholarships” for children of low-income families. Dr. Reynolds’ message was as bright as the smiles he makes possible, and News & Experts was grateful to play a part in helping spread that message throughout the nation.

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