Celebritize Yourself

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Hi Friends,

As you may know, for nearly 20 years my firm has been arranging national media exposure (TV appearances, Talk Radio interviews and print campaigns) for experts in a vast array of fields ranging from health, entertainment, finance and technology and also for corporations and their products and services.

Over the years, I’ve thought many times about writing a book that would help people become nationally recognized leaders in their field. But I didn’t want to write just another self-help book – I could have – but I knew it wouldn’t get done if my heart wasn’t in it. So, I waited until I found the message that inspired me. And now I’m very excited to tell you that my book is done and just released this week!

It’s called, Celebritize Yourself; The Three Step Method to Increase Your Visibility and Explode Your Business. I can tell you, nearly every moment spent writing this book didn’t feel like work at all – it was time spent doing something I thoroughly enjoyed.

My motivation was to give people an easy to apply formula that would influence the success of their business and help them achieve their personal goals. And the best part is anyone can do it – no matter if you are a lawyer, health professional, scholar or even restaurateur…you can “Celebritize Yourself.”

I asked a few nationally recognized experts to have a look at “Celebritize Yourself” and their responses were overwhelmingly positive.

Al Ries, the legendary marketing expert said,

“We live in a celebrity world. To take full advantage of what that world has to offer, read Marsha Friedman’s astute analysis of how to turn yourself into a celebrity. It’s a sure-fire formula for success.”

Online marketing specialist David Meerman Scott, best-selling author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR and the hit new book World Wide Rave had this to say:

“Personal branding is one of the hottest ideas out there. But most so-called experts don’t tell you enough. In her must read book, Marsha Friedman shows you how to transform your personal brand to celebrity status and how to reap the resulting rewards. Fame and fortune anyone?”

You may also know financial guru and New York Times Best Selling Author Howard Ruff. After reading my book Howard told me:

“Your book gave me back my marketing mojo. It reminded me of principles and techniques I had forgotten that once turned The Ruff Times into the biggest-selling financial newsletter out there. Your techniques really work and are worth millions!”

Lee Habeeb, Co-Creator of The Laura Ingraham Show and media coach to today’s top talk radio hosts told me:

“Celebritize Yourself” should be required reading for any professional who wants to stand out in a crowded marketplace. The truth is; celebrity isn’t only for celebrities anymore. We have celebrity political pundits, cooks, lawyers, financial experts, fitness gurus, even celebrity bail bondsmen! This is a must read for any professional who wants to take full advantage of this new media age – and the New Age of Celebrity we live in!”

As you can imagine I was really thrilled with this great response from these experts!

If you’re interested in reading my book, just go to www.celebritizeyourself.com. And if you decide to read it, I hope you enjoy it. Of course, I’d love your feedback and please stay in touch!

Warm Regards,

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