What’s The Future of Talk Radio? Michael Harrison Interview, Part 2

CEO of EMS Incorporated, Marsha Friedman interviews Talkers Magazine founder Michael Harrison about the future of talk radio. […]

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Exclusive Interview with Michael Harrison, Founder of Talkers Magazine, Part 1

Ok… as you probably know, I’m a big vocal supporter of talk radio, not only for its entertainment and educational value, but, also because of its value for promoting books, products and services. One person in particular who shares my viewpoint is the founder of Talkers Magazine, Michael Harrison. And let me tell you, when it comes to someone who has their finger firmly on the pulse of talk radio…this is the man!

A maverick in the world of radio broadcasting […]

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Four Tips To Get Talk Radio Hosts Interested in Your Product or Service

Talk radio interviews are one of the bases of a potential sales homerun. In fact, they’re custom-made for companies who want quick, affordable national exposure for their products or services. […]

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9 Reasons Why Talk Radio Works in Promoting Your Product and Service!

As publicity experts, talk radio is one of the tools that we use everyday to help our clients gain national recognition, promote their books and popularize their causes. And because it is so effective our clients keep coming back for more! Fact is – talk radio may honestly be one of the best-kept marketing secrets there is. […]

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8 “Insider PR Tips” to Build Your Business

Few marketers know a thing about using radio and TV interviews to promote their products and generate sales. Which comes as no surprise since media interviews are among the most effective yet least known marketing methods you could ever use. […]

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How to Market Your Supplements on Radio and TV

Marketing can be a pretty bewildering subject for supplement makers, especially when it comes to marketing on radio and TV. First of all, should you even test radio or TV to market your supplements? Before answering this question, consider these seven points… […]

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How to Get Talk Radio Hosts Interested in Your Book

If you’re hoping to turn your book into a sensation you can’t afford to overlook talk radio. Your book isn’t going to sell itself, so you need to do everything you can to get the word out. By generating word-of-mouth on talk radio shows around the country, you can create that all-important buzz that can transform your book into a bona fide hit. […]

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Talk Radio Can Increase Your Book’s Profile

Experts predict that recent shake-ups in the radio industry will cause the popularity of talk radio to soar to never-before-reached heights. Recent technological breakthroughs like the iPod, mp3’s, and satellite radio have changed the way that consumers listen to music. […]

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TV & Radio Guest Spots Can Help You Build Your Business

Who doesn’t want to get the word out about their company, service, or product? As a publicity expert with more than twenty years experience in the field, I have encountered hundreds of companies who have wanted the same thing. My answer is to appear as a guest on local radio and TV news shows which will enable you to get the word out to thousands – and possibly millions – of consumers. […]

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