How To Hire The Best PR Firm For You

Dr. Arianna Sholes-Douglas

I often talk to people who know they need publicity and want professional help to get it but find hiring PR agencies to be a confusing and daunting task. That’s understandable. Public relations firms differ in a thousand ways, it seems. For one, they use different business models – some charge monthly retainer fees while […]

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The Key To Media Success Is Focusing On Their Needs, Not Yours

2020 has been a challenging year in so many ways for nearly everyone – and pitching the media in the middle of a pandemic is no exception. COVID-19 dominated so much of the news cycle that, seemingly for months, any pitch that didn’t include a coronavirus angle ended up in some reporter, editor or producer’s […]

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Difficult Times Call For Sensitivity When Pitching The Media

The first half of 2020 has provided us with some unusual times. For months, a handful of extraordinary events have dominated the news cycle. The COVID-19 pandemic has been the major culprit, but more recently protests across the nation took center stage. So, when two of our News & Experts team members – Miguel Casellas-Gil […]

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Keep Your Media Coverage Working Long After The Interview Ends

In my last two PR Insiders, I shared with you tips for getting media opportunities – without being opportunistic – during the COVID-19 crisis, as well as  tips for how to handle media interviews once you land them. This week, let’s look at the next step. At some point this challenging situation we are all […]

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Landing A Media Interview During COVID-19 Is One Thing; But Then What?

In the last PR Insider, I shared with you some tips for reaching out to the media during the coronavirus crisis; tips that I had also discussed in a webinar I participated in titled “Authority Marketing in a COVID-19 World.” That webinar was inspired, of course, by the many ways in which the coronavirus has […]

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Getting Media Opportunities – Without Being Opportunistic – In The Time Of Coronavirus

COVID-19 has changed the daily lives of you, me and people around the globe, and also has raised questions about whether people should continue to promote their personal and business brands during these difficult times. With those very questions in mind, I was asked recently to participate as a panelist in a webinar titled “Authority […]

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Is Global Recognition Important to Your PR & Marketing Strategy?


When economists and business people say the world is flat, they aren’t talking about concerns our ancestors had about sailing off the edge of the earth. Instead, “the world is flat” in a business context means that, thanks to rapid advances in technology and communication, entrepreneurs and companies are now part of a global marketplace. […]

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Hey PR Folks: Keep Your Eye On The Ball

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

A Top Editor Explains What To Do Right When Pitching The Media One great thing about the internet is that, if you missed something the first time around, it’s often still out there, just waiting for you to stumble across it. That happened for me just recently with an article about public relations that Jim […]

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3 Key Elements That Can Get You Spotlighted In National Media

Anytime a PR effort results successfully in coverage by a major media outlet, you are entitled to a little celebration. But, of course, it’s even better when those successes multiply – and then multiply some more. That’s what happened recently with one of our clients, a financial professional who was able to build her authority […]

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Getting Media Coverage Is Just The Start; Now Put It To Work For You

I once had a client who enjoyed what could only be described as an extraordinary publicity campaign with our firm. We landed him interviews with such top-tier publications as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and Bloomberg. You would think he would have been ecstatic! But in fact, he was underwhelmed. “I don’t […]

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Big Interview? Engage The Host And The Audience Will Take Care Of Itself

It’s finally happened! You’ve been working on your publicity efforts, trying to land a radio or TV interview, and now the show is scheduled. Since this is what you wanted, why are you starting to nervously ask yourself: What have I done? Jitters! Stage fright! Call it what you will, it’s perfectly normal to get […]

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4 Factors That Will Determine Your PR Failure Or Success

When we scored an interview with Fox News for one of our clients last week that went global, I was both thrilled for the client, and also reminded once again of what it takes to achieve success in the publicity world. Many elements go into every campaign, but I think the following two factors are […]

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4 Tips For Creating Successful Media Pitches

Anyone who’s tried their hand at promoting a brand through PR can tell you that grabbing the media’s attention isn’t always easy. Each day, newspaper journalists, as well as hosts and producers of TV and radio talk shows, scroll through a never-ending barrage of email messages, many of which they no doubt delete without reading. […]

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Why Publicity is the Next Step for Online Influencers

Practically all of us are on social media these days, but some of us have found ways to make a bigger splash than others. These are the people who have become known as social media influencers. They have established credibility in a specific industry, drawn a ton of followers, and each day manage to use […]

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2019 Offers A Fresh Start To Re-Ignite Your Personal Brand

It’s that exciting time of year when we look with eager anticipation to the future, plotting out how we can make the coming 365 days even better than the previous ones. Maybe you want to expand your business. Perhaps you hope to add a few percentage points to your sales goals. As you set all […]

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How Social Media Adds Extra Sizzle To Your Other PR Efforts

In last week’s PR Insider I discussed some of the differences between social media marketing and social media PR, and I have to report that I was happily surprised at the overwhelming response I received as a result. Clearly, this was a topic that resonated with many of our PR Insider subscribers. So, I thought it […]

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