3 Ways To Help Journalists And Help Yourself In The Process – Part 1

Business woman being interviewed

  Anytime you seek to promote your brand through media coverage, you probably have a target audience in mind. If you’re a financial professional, that audience could be people in or near retirement. If you are a marriage counselor, it could be bickering couples. But regardless of that ultimate audience, your first audience is always […]

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Nurturing A Relationship With Your Hometown Press Can Pay Dividends

Let’s face it, grabbing the attention of the national media can be exciting, a marketing coup that gives your brand coast-to-coast publicity in front of a wide and diverse audience. Believe me, as a public relations professional I understand as well as anyone the allure of such attention and why it is so enticing to […]

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Cherie Calbom, Best-Selling Author

“I highly recommend EMSI for their professional dedication in promoting my book. I appeared on over 40 radio shows around the country and my book was reviewed in USA Today, The NY Post, The NY Sun, and dozens of newspapers and magazines.” […]

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Executive Producer, “The G. Gordon Liddy Show”

“The most important thing to me when dealing with a publicist is their ability to talk to me about a guest without giving me the hard sell. Speaking with EMSI is always a pleasant experience. I find myself always returning their calls as they are fun people to talk to and work with. Great people, great guests.” […]

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Mike Cavanagh, Host WSB Radio, Atlanta

“After being in the field of television production for nine years, I had literally stopped taking calls from any publicists or PR firms. I became tired of dealing with pushy and demanding attitudes and tactics. Then I encountered EMSI, professionals who are a producer’s dream. Their clients are always exactly what they say they are, always prepared, interesting, on time, and always have something unusual or cutting-edge to offer my program. The management team is exemplary in their attitude and courtesy.” […]

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Barbara Hoffman, Producer Trinity, Broadcasting Network

“As the producer of a top-rated, highly successful national television show, I usually have a waiting list of guests, but I often find myself re-arranging my schedule to accommodate an EMSI client. I give them my highest recommendation for their quality guests, high standards, and integrity in this business.” […]

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Jennifer Boyd, Assoc Producer, FOX-TV, Tampa

“I am constantly impressed by the professionalism, efficiency, and TV savvy of EMSI. The guests they bring to us are bright, articulate and ‘good TV’ — not to mention, an ‘easy book” for an overworked producer. Who could ask for anything more?” […]

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Vince Hill, News Anchor, KYW Radio, Philadelphia

“EMSI has always shown a high degree of organization with their projects. There has never been any confusion regarding each show booked. Very thorough, very prepared. Their staff is a personal and professional pleasure to deal with.” […]

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Barack Echols, Exec Producer, WJJD Radio, Chicago

“Not only has EMSI consistently provided me with entertaining and informative guests, they’ve also come through for me with little or no notice when my scheduled guests have canceled and left me in a lurch. I highly recommend them for conscientious talk show producers.” […]

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