New Twitter and Facebook Changes To Impact Your Brand

Social media sites always seem to be tinkering with what they offer and how we interact with their products. Sometimes that tinkering leads to exciting results. Sometimes it’s just confusing, even to me and I lead a public relations firm that assists clients with their social media campaigns! […]

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Tips for Making the Most of Your Print Interview

Getting media exposure means putting yourself out there. It might be chatting live on the air with a radio talk show host, taping an appearance for TV, coming up with posts for social media, or being interviewed by a print journalist. […]

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How to Use Publicity to Earn Trust (and How Not To!)

Gaining credibility is one of the greatest benefits of getting coverage in the media. In P.R., we tell people this so often it becomes like a favorite song sung over and over again – eventually, you don’t think much about the words, you just sing them. Which is why I enjoyed this real-life consumer experience […]

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3 Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing

People often ask me how social media works as a marketing tool — especially after I’ve explained to them that they should limit using Facebook and Twitter to ask followers to buy their product or service, visit their website or read their blog. “How will I ever sell anything that way?” they ask. You are […]

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Why Q4 Publicity is Critical to Your Bottom Line

Labor Day is right around the corner and, while the barbecue lover in me thinks only of ribs on the grill, my inner businesswoman is saying, “Fourth quarter, dead ahead!” I like to get a running start planning for the all-important Q4 for a number of reasons. For one, it’s our last opportunity to hit […]

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3 Easy Tips for Getting Yourself Publicity

Last week, we received this email from a journalist: “I have to tell you how grateful I am that you send these articles!  I am down from a three-person office to just me!!! These articles help me keep the magazine looking good!” We’ve been getting more and more notes like that in recent years as […]

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Does PR Influence Your Sales?

In almost every conversation I have with prospective clients, I’m asked, “How many sales can I expect from this campaign?” Or I’m told, “I’ll know you’re successful when I see a big jump in sales.” That’s an expectation PR professionals are used to hearing; it comes from the biggest boardrooms and the smallest mom-and-pop shops. […]

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