After a busy weekend in Seattle at the Northwest Bookfest, our VP of Media Operations, Alex Hinojosa finds himself with a slammed day – full of media coaching for new clients, reviewing booked radio and TV interviews, and calculating stats. Here he is listening to a recorded interview, writing feedback, and responding to emails. Now that’s […]

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Why Tampa Bay Rocks

While “The Daily Show” beats up on Tampa Bay’s reputation for being too hot, too sprawling and not cultured enough during the Republican National Convention, we here at EMSI Public Relations beg to differ. The area has long stood out among other Florida regions as a unique blend of city life and quaint coastal culture. […]

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Fifty Shades of Red Ink

I was surprised when my longtime friend and colleague, Michael Levin — New York Times best-selling author and one of the nation’s leading ghost writers — said he wanted to write something about “50 Shades of Grey.” “Really, Michael?” I asked. If ever a book could be called chick lit, “50 Shades” is it. Knowing […]

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Remembering Composer Marvin Hamlisch

‘Marvin, He was a Friend of Mine’ By Michael Levin The first time I saw Marvin Hamlisch, he was playing piano at Carnegie Hall. It was May 6, 1972 and the occasion was “An Evening With Groucho.” My childhood hero, Groucho Marx, was performing a show of reminiscences, comedy and song, and Hamlisch was his […]

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PR and Penn State

It would be a humungous understatement to say the Penn State scandal was tragic and that swift and severe action was inevitable and necessary. From a Public Relations standpoint, it was also frustrating. That’s not just because of the painful irony that the cover-up was for the purposes of Public Relations and it backfired exponentially, […]

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The Reality of Social Media

As with most new media, techno-enthusiasts tend to jump in first, followed closely by businesses at the encouragement of like-minded in-house advisors; the rest of us who did just fine without it eventually get dragged in, kicking and screaming. Such is the case with social media, which has become an inevitable and invaluable marketing tool. […]

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