Social Media Can Change The World In An Instant

“How can social media make an impact on my business (or brand, or other marketing efforts)?” This is hands down the question I hear the most as a social media strategist. Many people know they need to be on social media, but aren’t sure why. As someone who has been “plugged in” since the years […]

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The Gift of Exposure

While doing talk radio interviews in major markets across the nation and even writing about National Write a Business Plan Month, one common theme is popping up: Many new entrepreneurs and book authors have tried to market what they’ve created themselves but haven’t been successful in securing media coverage. […]

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Tips for New Dads from a PR Pro

What’s In It for My Wife & Daughter? As a PR professional with one of the top public relations firms in the country, radio broadcaster/instructor and media coach, the question I’m constantly asking myself – and reminding clients and students to ask themselves — is, “What’s In It For ME?” The “me” in this case […]

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The Future is Mobile: Ads vs. PR

First of all, I’ll freely admit that I love all kinds of radio.  I listen to Howard Stern every morning on Sirius/XM.  But I also LOVE Marketplace – heard locally on Tampa Bay’s NPR affiliate, WUSF. On Monday (10/22/2012), Kai Ryssdal led off Marketplace with a story written by Queena Kim titled The trouble with […]

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There are a reported 5 million iPhone 5s sold so far, and here is one of them! Our Vice President of Business Development, Damon Friedman had his new iPhone 5 come in over the weekend. Many of us in the building are Apple users – with our fair share of iPhones, iPads, and Mac laptops […]

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