Is Global Recognition Important to Your PR & Marketing Strategy?


When economists and business people say the world is flat, they aren’t talking about concerns our ancestors had about sailing off the edge of the earth. Instead, “the world is flat” in a business context means that, thanks to rapid advances in technology and communication, entrepreneurs and companies are now part of a global marketplace. […]

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3 Ways To Protect Your Brand From a Social Media Mayday

US Airways reminded everyone Monday that humans make mistakes. But not everyone represents a major brand and shares a mistake that large on social media. Errors as grandiose as US Airways’ end up in headlines around the country. It’s more than embarrassing – it can affect the airline’s bottom line. The brand is now forever […]

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Pi In The Sky

A pie-in-the-sky goal, according to, is “preposterously optimistic.” Last night we learned preposterous is always possible. But first, a quick back story… In the summer of 2012, CEO Marsha Friedman other team members of EMSI Public Relations including me were scouting locations in Wesley Chapel, Fla., to relocate the headquarters of this national marketing […]

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Tips and Tricks for Product Publicity

Many entrepreneurs with a new product to promote have a hard time envisioning helpful publicity beyond news stories about how fabulous their Great New Thing is. While that kind of coverage is like hitting the jackpot, it’s not easy to get and it’s impossible to sustain. And sustenance is crucial: to stand out in a […]

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Tips and Tricks for Book Promotion

For fiction and non-fiction authors, book promotion can be one of the most challenging and potentially frustrating parts of the process. It’s understandable, really. People who have the passion necessary to write a book usually have just one thing on their minds: writing their book. Some may think ahead to getting it published, but, tragically, […]

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What makes us one of the top public relations firms?

What makes EMSI Public Relations one of the top public relations firms? For starters, it’s how we’re different than traditional PR firms. We’re a pioneer in pay-for-performance publicity. Our model guarantees media placements and social media connections, so clients don’t have to spend thousands for “best efforts.” In today’s world, guaranteed publicity that works with […]

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Happy Fathers Day!

Our team is full of fathers! Starting from the left – Will Candler, Damon Friedman, Alex Hinojosa, Rich Ghazarian, and Russ Handler. We’re missing one father from the picture – and someone who feels like a father to all of us – our President, Steve Friedman!! From all of the fathers at EMSI, we wish […]

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