Case Study: Gary Miliefsky’s Top Tier Media Exposure with News & Experts

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“Joining us now is Gary Miliefsky, cyber security expert. Gary, good to have you on the show.” Gary faces the camera against a backdrop of city lights, looking dapper in a suit. As the publisher of Cyber Security Magazine, he was invited to provide an expert opinion on the threat of cyber attacks, and he delivers like an industry veteran. That clip is displayed front and center on his magazine’s website, alongside appearances on ABC News and CBS This Morning. Rows upon rows of media brands and news channel logos are stuffed beneath the As Seen In section of his site. And Gary did it with News & Experts.

Many business owners struggle with simply getting seen, no matter how much effort they pour into their marketing. As in Gary’s case, media slots help them get in front of a massive audience, where they’re empowered to showcase their expertise. Both parties, the news outlet and business owner, benefit. But for many, how to land that publicity remains a mystery. That’s where News & Experts comes in.

Every business strives for ubiquity. News & Experts helps them achieve it. Taking the guesswork out of publicity and media slots, they pair clients with news outlets that are actively seeking experts in a given field. News & Experts helped Gary land spots on Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Doctors, and CNN, among others. But their efforts extend beyond television. His press highlights include Time, Chicago Tribune, and USA Today. In total, he was in upward of 60 print publications because of News & Experts. The campaign extended to radio, enabling him to speak on over 15 nationally syndicated stations, and 32 locally syndicated stations. With over 36,000 likes on Facebook, Gary’s press exposure has helped him cultivate incredible brand awareness. 

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