Building “BUZZ” For Your Book Can Be Fast, Easy and Cost Effective

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In today’s world of publishing, I don’t have to tell you what a challenge it is to get your book noticed.  With nearly 300,000 new books hitting the market every year, this is a problem all authors encounter – from first timers to big name celebrities.  But once you have the word-of-mouth buzz going, it can spread like wildfire.One of the best methods to get people talking about you and your book is by being interviewed as a guest on talk radio. Why? This medium allows you to talk to a captive audience of affluent, educated and, most importantly, active consumers who are book-buyers. We’ve been one of the country’s top providers of radio show guests since 1990 and, from our years of experience, we’ve seen how instrumental talk radio has been in our daily lives. Talk radio hosts and their guests consistently create thought provoking conversations throughout the country. They’re largely responsible for spreading new ideas resulting in hot trends and lifestyle choices. You and the message of your book CAN be part of this forum that affects peoples lives daily. This is how buzz is built.

The best part?

  • It’s Fast: you can be on the air as a guest, promoting your book and message to thousands of people in just a few weeks.
  • It’s Easy: there’s no travel involved – and it’s not a schedule-buster!  All the interviews are conducted by phone from either your home or office – depending on the time of the interview.  Plus you have enough advance notice to be able to integrate these book promotion interviews into your busy daily schedule.
  • It’s Cost Effective: One of our clients, Dr. Will Wong, had this to say: “Talk radio is the easiest way to get your message across to thousands of people at one time. You have a captive audience during morning drive-time, in the middle of the day with stay-at-home moms and late at night with over-the-road drivers. For the fastest, best bang for your promotional buck, talk radio is it!”

So find a PR firm that can help you to book you on talk radio…and get them talking and buzzing about you!

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