Books: America’s New Business Card?

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Few people I talk to consider themselves authors; fewer still ever picture themselves writing a book. Well, if you’re still undecided about whether a book can propel you to expert status in your field, consider a scene of two people who walk into your office each seeking your business. Each has impeccable credentials, is wearing a tailored suit, and has an impressive resume that sparkles with confidence and great talent.

One candidate hands you a glossy business card.

The second hands you his book.

Quickly: who just won your business?

You’re Already an Expert, Why Shouldn’t People Know That?

Let’s face it, in our business – in any business – success is all about perception. When we meet a book’s author, we immediately perceive that person to be an expert on whatever subject he or she is writing about. That author is far more impressive than the guy or gal who comes along without a book.

For someone to take the time to write about a topic, give it an impressive title and subtitle, organize it, review it, plan it and get it published, says much about a person. It says, “I am focused, clear, passionate and drive.” It says, “I am an expert in my field and, what’s more, I’m eager to share that expertise with all comers.” It reeks of credibility, expertise, influence, maturity, solidity and, above all, success. What’s more, it makes that person special and unique. It’s an impressive credential.

It will do the same for you. A book will also:

  • Increase your visibility
  • Bring new business
  • Announce your presence
  • Distill your thoughts
  • Give you “portable expertise”
  • Provide publicists tons of material

I tell you this because if you are ever to truly celebritize yourself, if you are truly to become an expert in your field and own the niche you’re in, you must begin to think about yourself not just as a celebrity but as an expert-turned-author-turned -celebrity. Books are central to the Celebritize Yourself process.

A book gives you instant cache. It ups your credibility factor. To stay competitive in today’s cutthroat world of would-be experts, a book is no longer a stand out – it’s a must-have. Name almost any expert you can think of – in any field – and you will find them listed on And not just in the music or DVD sections, but under books. You’ll find thousands! Try it.

Business Card 2.0

You’ll see my point. Today’s book is yesterday’s business card. Or, perhaps, it’s today’s “Business Card 2.0,” an interactive, user-friendly, narrated tour through your expertise. It is an instant introduction to your thoughts, feelings, expertise, know-how, advice, wisdom, and personality, rolled into a neat 200-300 page package within a cover of credibility-boosting blurbs from respected peers and colleagues.

Add your snappy author’s photo, wrap it in a great title (and subtitle), create a slam-bang cover with your name on it and, presto-chango, you are now an author ready to compete on the same playing field as any other celebrity. Now, all you have to do is come up with that great idea for a bestselling book that can magnetize an endless stream of clients or customers.

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