Book Promotion Services for Marketing A Book

Book Promotion Services for Marketing A Book

We speak with authors on a daily basis about marketing their book. All too often they sit somewhere on a scale between frustration and apathy.

The key to the successful promotion of your book is knowing how to approach the right media, and having an angle that will grab their attention. Many authors, and companies even, think that sending out a boilerplate press release to a big list of editors is going to magically spark a wildfire of intense interest and buzz – but it just isn’t so.

Here at News and Experts, we arrange radio and TV interviews, in addition to editorial coverage in newspapers, magazines and digital platforms.

Let us help you get your message out! It’s what we do.

News and Experts has been promoting authors for over 30 years, and we can give you honest feedback on what can be achieved. You owe it yourself to invest in a well thought out book promotion campaign that works towards your goals.

You’ve already invested a lot of valuable time, passion, resources, and energy into writing your book and getting it published; don’t give up yet. Instead, give us a call at 800-881-7342.

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