The Book: Your New Business Card

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How Writing A Book Can Increase Your Business

We’re all experts on something. In my case, my passion was always the inner workings of the media and the crafting of a message. The fun for me isn’t always when I have a client who is a ready-made for the media, but rather someone who has a unique message that may not seem on the surface to be compatible with generating media. That’s what drives me and those are the challenges I truly enjoy. When I can connect the dots in a creative fashion for a client who may never have thought they had a good enough story for the media, I’m thrilled!

One of the tools that helps in this process is when clients have a book. In my own book, Celebritize Yourself: The Three Step Method to Increase Your Visibility and Explode Your Business, I explain how a book – or more specifically, YOUR book – can be your new business card. It’s a model I not only recommend to clients, but also one that I use for the promotion of my own business.

Here’s how the formula works:

  • Passion: The first step is to ask yourself about your passion as this will guide the message of your book. When you achieve what you believe to be a high level of proficiency in your field or profession, it is usually a representation of your passion. So, think about it. What gets you up in the morning? What are the elements of your profession that stir your emotions and make you happy to work in your field? Those elements are the cross section of your passion and your expertise. When you write about those ideas, concepts and realities, it will show the reader that they are dealing with a consummate professional who knows his or her stuff!
  • Execution: Here’s a tough question, and it truly doesn’t matter how you answer. Are you a good writer? I don’t mean, can you craft a story and develop characters and plotlines. We’re not talking about fiction here. What I mean is, can you write about your field convincingly and articulately? Can you take the elements of your profession that drive your passion and business, and use the written word to inform, educate and inspire someone with your message? The good news is that it doesn’t matter if you are not a writer. There is no shame in hiring a ghostwriter whose skill is communicating via the written word to get your thoughts and feelings down on paper and write the text in “your voice.” The book is solely your ideas and your knowledge – it is YOUR book – but the quality of the communication will be key to its success.
  • Publication: Here’s the part that makes it all work. First, remember the goal in writing the book is to have a representation of your passion and expertise that builds your platform as a credentialed expert in your field and that you can use like a business card. With the various self-publishing services available today, you don’t need (or want) a traditional publisher to accept your idea. It’s far more advantageous to self-publish because you retain all rights to your work, you control your message and most importantly, you control the timeline. Moreover, with the quality of “print on demand” today, you also control your publishing costs and can simply print copies as needed to align with your marketing budget and strategies.
  • Promotion: Your book opens the door to the media as well as your customers, both directly and indirectly. When you reach out to the press with your message, they are going to take you far more seriously if you’ve written a book about it. The media, in turn, opens the door to new customers. And that’s really the way the book pays for itself and helps you generate revenue – through branding you as an expert in your field. After it’s published, that book will play a part in just about every piece of business you close for your company, whether it helps drive media that drives your business or it is simply a better opening line to a new customer besides “Let me give you my card.” In the sea of business cards executives get from vendors at trade shows and on airplanes, a book is like the cream that rises to the top (even if they don’t read it!). And when you’re pitching the media or speaking with a prospective client, a book says, “I’m such an expert in my field, I literally wrote the book on it.”

Having been in business for over 20 years, I can attest that after writing my book, Celebritize Yourself, my revenue has grown annually, even through the recession. And, soon I’ll be working on my second one. So if you feel like your business has reached a plateau or is creeping in growth, and you want to inject new life and energy into your enterprise, a book is one of the most valuable marketing tools you’ll ever have.

I heartily encourage those who haven’t started yet to get busy. Collect your thoughts; make a decision; commit to it unwaveringly and I promise you will reap the rewards personally and professionally.

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