8 “Insider PR Tips” to Build Your Business

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Few marketers know a thing about using radio and TV interviews to promote their products and generate sales. Which comes as no surprise since media interviews are among the most effective yet least known marketing methods you could ever use.

But as good as these interviews are, they can be made even more effective.

As with most things, there are insider pr techniques that can help radio and TV interview first-timers do a powerful job. In fact, here are eight:

  1. Like the Boy Scouts, Be Prepared. Before going on, make sure you’re fully prepared with facts, figures and anecdotes to talk about when you’re on the air. Use a “cheat sheet” with your best info. The audience can easily detect the difference between a guest bursting with knowledge…and one who’s “knowledge well” is quickly drying up. The latter will lose the audience’s attention and any credibility they had been building.
  2. Practice makes perfect. One of your key challenges is staying “on-message.” Radio/TV hosts and audiences have a way of yanking you off course. Your challenge will be to know how to keep your on-air balance. If you’re new to the media game, consider getting a media coach. If you already have media experience and just need to sharpen your skill, practice mock interviews with friends or associates. Be sure you’re fully prepared to handle ANY questions that come your way.
  3. Year-round Strategies. Publicity campaigns should be viewed as a long-term commitment with the goal of developing as much national media exposure as possible. After all, the longer you’re out there, the greater the likelihood you’ll be recognized by the media as an expert in your field.
  4. Keep the Interview Pipeline Full. You should conduct as many media interviews as possible. Talk radio interviews can be an unsurpassed way of informing millions about your product…without leaving the comfort of your home or office.
  5. Be Available at a Moment’s Notice. Media appearances should be thought of as instant promotional opportunities, and you need to be available when they are. That means day or night. Being on the air, often and at any time, will boost your company’s visibility… and sales!
  6. Sparkle On Air. Enthusiasm speaks loud and clear. To keep the audience attentive, you need to maintain a high level of interest through the interview. No matter if it’s your first or hundredth!
  7. Keep the Audience Listening. Always remember that media is about entertainment first. The trick, of course, is to be both informative and entertaining. Do that and you’ll often find the host jumping in to help you promote your message!
  8. Good Time Management. Key to success with media interviews is how effective you use air-time. A great interview – or a complete bust – will hinge on how well you keep these three things in mind: be entertaining, be informative, and educate.

Well, that’s it. These eight tips should help you with your media interviews.

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