4 Tips for Obtaining PR in Newspapers and Magazines

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Every company would like to sell more units and increase profits…after all, that’s the nature of business! But if you want to sell, sell, sell, you need to first PR, PR, PR! Public relations is a cost-effective way to give you company, product or service the national or local media attention that it deserves. One of the most popular PR mediums is print. The biggest misconception is that a simple press release will get you guaranteed exposure in print. The problem is that if the publication has no interest in your subject, then you are out of luck! Marsha Friedman, CEO of Event Management Service Inc, a national public relations firm, says “Aside from the traditional press release, there are other inventive ways of securing your place in the pages of your favorite magazine and newspaper.” Here Marsha will reveal the four ways to get your company’s name in print!

  1. Write a “Tips” or “How To” Article. “This is one of the best ways to get free publicity in newspapers and magazines”, says Marsha Friedman. “Offer lots of valuable advice and make sure it’s written well enough for a publication to run it without having to make any edits. Many publications don’t have large staffs and so they depend on articles of freelance writers to fill their pages.””For example, if you’re a mortgage broker write an article with 10 tips about getting the best mortgage available”, adds Friedman. Each tip should be no more than two or three sentences. The media loves these tips because they can reprint them as an article or as a “side-bar” to a longer story.Writing not one of your talents? Marsha says, “If writing isn’t one of your talents – hire a professional writer to write your article in the same journalistic style used in newspapers and magazines.” Published articles help to establish you as an expert, so make sure to include your credentials and other boastful information to support your position as an expert. Friedman adds, “Most publications will let you write something generous about yourself, what you do and how to contact you, in exchange for your free article.”
  2. Write an “Opinion Letter.” Marsha Friedman says, “Take a stand on a controversial issue or comment on an issue in the news and send it to the Editor of your local daily paper – or to Opinion Editors at newspapers around the country. Don’t forget to put your credentials at the bottom of the letter so you get the recognition of being a published expert.”
  3. Create Photo Opportunities. Local newspapers are always looking for interesting photos and images. “Create a local event – a fundraiser, an art show, a local or national contest”, says Marsha Friedman. “Then make sure to invite the local press to attend. But even if they don’t show up, get them a photo and press release right away while it’s still news!”
  4. Recycle Your Print Coverage. Marsha Friedman says, “Turn one media hit into multiple hits by sending a reprint of a weekly newspaper story about you or your company to an editor at a daily newspaper, along with a pitch letter offering an angle different from the angle the weekly pursued.” Send reprints from dailies to national publications. Send articles in trade publications to editors anywhere. Post articles on your website. “Get the most mileage as possible out of every story!” says Friedman.

So now you are ready to get work!

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