4 Tips from Ellen that Can Make You a Better Tweeter

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Whether you’re using Twitter to get a job, grow your business or just connect with new people, you’ll be much more successful if you follow some rules of social media engagement.

Who better to learn from than comedian Ellen DeGeneres, who has more than 31.4 million followers and famously crashed Twitter by posting her Oscar selfie? (The network buckled under the tsunami of retweets.) Sure, if you want a massive following, it helps to be a TV icon with a popular national talk show. But you don’t have to be Ellen to do what she does to get the most out of Twitter.

Try these tweeting techniques Ellen has mastered:

    1. Engage in the current conversation (but keep it true to you): Whether it’s the death of a legend like Joan Rivers or the start of the NFL season, Ellen is quick to appropriately participate in the topic of the moment. For Rivers, she shared a thoughtful message with a photo. To kick off football season, she crafted a simple, funny Tweet about the Packers and Seahawks game.

    1. Embrace hashtags or even start one: Throwback Thursday (#TBT) on Ellen’s feed is filled with classic LOL photos of her. A recent one included a happy birthday message to Beyonce. At the start of season 11, Ellen created #ClassicJokeWednesday, which has become a phenomenon because the tweets are short and amusing – perfect content for Twitter!

  1. Expose followers to your other social networks: On Instagram, Ellen has more than 5.7 million followers. She recently shared a cool Instagram video on her Twitter network using a new feature, Hyperlapse. By sharing the content on Twitter, she exposed it to a much bigger audience. That will certainly help her pick up some new Instagram connections! It’s important to cross-promote your social networks when possible.
    1. Entertain (or inform) when you promote: Ellen’s tweets, from the Instagram Hyperlapse video to a Channing Tatum toothy selfie to a 15-second video teasing her ALS Ice Bucket Challenge stunt with Kim Kardashian, were constant reminders to her followers that her show’s new season was about to start. She got her message across with entertaining or thoughtful posts, rather than begging people to watch her show. Business owners in particular can learn from this tactic. Slide in the simple plug for what you do in a funny or informative tweet.

Finally, don’t take yourself too seriously. Humor goes over well on all of the social networks, and you don’t have to be a professional comedian to get a laugh!

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