4 Questions About Netropolitan – “Facebook for Rich People”

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You may use only Facebook or Twitter, but there are hundreds of notable active social networking sites with billions of users around the world. New platforms are constantly emerging and trying to appeal to their niche market in the digital world.

Enter Netropolitan, which bills itself as “the online country club for people with more money than time.” It’s targeting wealthy users with a $9,000 signup fee and another $3,000 per year after that.


According to founder James Touchi-Peters, a 48-year-old composer and former conductor of the Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra, the hefty initiation fee will ensure the network’s membership remains exclusive and private.

Netropolitan is prompting a lot of questions from curious social media users, who asked me the following:

What exactly are users getting on this expensive social network?

It appears to be a user experience similar to Facebook, but Netropolitan touts personal privacy and no advertising as its main benefits. That means search engines cannot index posts and your personal data will not be gathered to sell you products and services.  Users will pay with money rather than their personal information. While you don’t pay cash to use Facebook, Gmail, etc., those platforms are not free — your information is used for advertising purposes.

Are there other benefits to joining Netropolitan?

According to its website, the platform offers unlimited cloud file storage, but you can get more storage than you might ever need for less than $20 a month with some online services. It also has discussion forums where super rich people can talk about super rich things. Netropolitan is really selling itself on privacy, prestige and exclusivity. For many users the point of social media networks is to connect with like-minded people and develop relationships for personal and professional reasons. (If you’re wondering which social media network might be right for you, click here to find out!)

Do you have any recommendations for those who are worried about privacy issues but still want to participate on social media for free?

An emerging network called Ello.co touts itself as free in both the traditional and the digital age senses – you don’t have to pay with either money or personal information. However, right now it is in the beta phase and you can join only via an invitation.

Would you pay for any social networks?

Possibly the premium version of LinkedIn if I were looking for a job or growing a network of connections for prospective business clients. No way would I pay $9,000 — I’ve got to put my kids through college!

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