With EMSI, PR is not a gamble. It’s a guarantee

Getting good PR can feel like winning the lottery.

That’s because the media moves so fast—between 24/7 cable networks and the Internet—that sending out a press release can feel like placing a bet.

The media surrounds us like never before.

We’ve been informed through our TVs, radios and newspapers, but today we’re also getting a volume of news and information on our computers at work, our laptops at home and even on our phones.

Those who are trying to get the media’s attention can feel like their chances of getting coverage are as slim as wining the lottery. Blasting out press releases and using marketing gimmicks or catchy taglines don’t yield much success.

When it’s done right, however, PR is not a gamble.

That’s why EMSI designs its campaigns around a simple guarantee: If you work with our PR firm, we’ll deliver the media exposure. We don’t promise clients our “best efforts” to generate media coverage. Instead, we guarantee TV and radio interviews and/or articles online and offline.

Our Guaranteed Media concept is an evolution of the pay-for-performance model, specifically adapted for the challenges—as well as the opportunities—of the evolving and fluid media landscape. Our flat fee structure ensures no hidden extras, and all our campaigns come with a specific, written guarantee of results.

Our business model, experience and team structure allow us to take the guesswork out of PR. Instead of rolling the dice with your PR dollars, why not consider changing your strategy.