Why Online Coverage is Critical for Your Online Marketing

Why Online Coverage is Critical for Your Online Marketing

Why You Should be Following Newsweek’s Example

I was floored last week when I learned Newsweek magazine, that 79-year-old American icon, would stop publishing its glossy print version at the end of the year and move entirely online.
My print-specialist colleagues here at EMSI – who’ve experienced firsthand the long, slow decline of newspapers – said I shouldn’t be surprised. They reminded me that just this year, another venerable publication, Encyclopedia Britannica, announced it was abandoning print and joining the digital crowd.

One of Newsweek’s two competitors, US News & World Report, gave up on print two years ago. And The Christian Science Monitor – then 100 years old – led the way back in 2008 when it announced it would stop printing on weekdays.

Interesting note: Since The Christian Science Monitor went digital in 2009, its online traffic has increased five times – to 42 million page views per month. Compare that to the 67,703 readers who were getting its last daily papers.

What does this mean for you?

It means you shouldn’t pooh-pooh the value of getting online publicity. It can actually be worth more to you than traditional print. Sure you want something you can frame and hang on the wall or send to your mom. And yes, I love traditional print, too – I can’t imagine starting my day without my newspaper.

BUT. After I read that paper, it goes straight into the recycle bin.

How many people do you think will notice the newspaper story you have framed in your office, much less read it? How many will see the copy you send to your mom?

A page you can hold in your hand is a beautiful thing, but if publicity is your goal, wouldn’t you rather your audience be those Christian Science Monitor users who are viewing 42 million times a month?

I would.

Audience is not the only bonus online. A business associate of mine, a digital marketing expert, recently completed a print campaign with us. He was very happy with the traditional placements he got, but he was thrilled with the online placements. He wrote to explain why.

“In addition to having our articles published in traditional magazines, you also got some of them published on prestigious online authority sites, including The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch and Yahoo Finance,” wrote V. Michael Santoro (Vito to us), co-author with John S. Rizzo of Niche Dominance: Creating Order Out of Your Digital Marketing Chaos.

“This created amazing visibility and increased our web traffic,” he wrote. “The value of being published on these authority sites is the link from the publication back to our website. Google views these links as pure gold and this value is passed to our website, which helps get us top search engine rankings.

“These postings also went viral, with other sites re-posting and passing them along via social media. That gave us a high-value link network – legitimate links from legitimate sites – which adds additional search engine value and traffic back to our website.”

Vito also noted that those published articles can rank high in search-engine listings. So not only did his and John’s website get a big boost in ranking, the articles simultaneously ranked as well.

“Being published on these sites is helping to brand us as an authority online, which puts us above the competition,” he wrote.

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

You get more than your money’s worth when online news publications publish articles about you. And guess what? You can still send a copy to Mom. In fact, you can and should share those links: on your website, your social media, and anywhere else you can think of. Not doing so is like hiding your money under your mattress – it can’t do any work for you there.

And yes, you can even frame it. Just save it as a jpeg, print it out and, voila! – you’ve got 21st century office art.

I’m truly sorry to see more and more print publications abandoning paper and ink. I’ll miss them. But the bright side is that what’s good for Newsweek, The Christian Science Monitor and Encyclopedia Britannica is very good for you, too.

And recycling online is even more gratifying.

– Marsha

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