Who’s Left to Convince – Presidential Debate, Round 2

Who’s Left to Convince – Presidential Debate, Round 2

Record vs. Crystal Ball and the Reaction to the Reaction

Romney won. Obama won. Depending on who you ask, you’ll get both answers with equal passion and resolve. Both went on the attack, both accused the other of lying, both parties claimed victory – from that perspective, no surprises. Neither should the responses from the electorate be too surprising. Focus groups, who’ve clearly made up their minds, proclaimed their guy the victor. No better proof of this fact was on display during a man-on-the-street bit on the Jimmy Kimmel Show where people were asked who they thought won the debate…before the debate actually took place. Not only was it uncomfortably hilarious to see these ignoramuses, who could easily cancel out your vote by the way, embarrassing themselves on national television, but it confirmed that most of us know who we’re voting for, and hopefully why.

The “undecided” masses left over, Obama nation will undoubtedly disagree with, do not want to or will not vote for the incumbent. The fact is that unless you don’t own a TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, computer, are illiterate, blind and deaf, you’ve heard the president speak plenty of times over the past four years and have seen the evidence of his policies, more than enough to be a continued supporter or detractor at his point of the campaign. The undecided are not people who are still wondering whether to vote for Obama or Romney. They’re choosing whether to vote for Romney or sit this election out. They’ve been told by both sides who this challenger is and what he stands for and wanted to figure it out for themselves. And the general consensus is that at least some of them have seen enough of the new guy to vote the incumbent out and give him a chance.

As far as the debate is concerned, the edge went to Romney for this reason at the very least. He can point to what is and say it has not worked. Obama can only attempt to convince the people what would be will not work. Reality vs. Prognosis. Never an easy task, not to mention something Obama took full advantage of in 2008.

Next up: The 3rd installment of the trilogy with a focus on foreign policy. And unless Candy Crowley makes a return visit, I wouldn’t want to be in the President’s shoes for that one.

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