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How is EMSI Different from Traditional PR Agencies?

EMSI is one of the top public relations firms and a pioneer in pay-for-performance publicity.
We do not charge a monthly retainer with no guarantee of results, as is standard in the PR industry. Instead, our fees are performance-based, which means you are guaranteed a specific quantity of media coverage.

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EMSI’s award-winning approach to the media is different than most agencies.
The media survives on advertising dollars and thus needs to provide their audience with entertainment and information that will keep them tuned in. In order to serve the media with news stories and guests that will keep their audience interested, the EMSI team is constantly monitoring the news and current events for issues that relate to our clients’ messages, making us one the top public relations firms in the country.

Another major difference with EMSI from other agencies is our organizational structure. Each of the media venues is different and therefore requires different pitches and approaches. Rather than having one single account manager, as is typical in an agency, we have specialist campaign managers for each type of media, e.g. a Radio Campaign Mgr. who is an expert in booking radio interviews with producers and hosts around the country, a Print Campaign Mgr. who is an expert in obtaining editorial coverage (both traditional and online), and a TV Campaign Mgr. who is an expert in booking appearances on both local and national TV.

Media strategy is a process that involves conversations with our clients, research, reading and then connecting all those dots together to create a set of ideas, angles and documents that will effectively inspire the media to care about our clients and their messages.
While the process involves the same elements every time, it is unique to the idiosyncrasies of every client’s individual needs and challenges. It is a process that retainer-based firms will charge thousands upon thousands of dollars to execute, typically billing against the retainer every meeting and phone call they have with you and your team to discuss the matter. This valuable procedure is already included in EMSI’s price structure, so there is no additional charge for this – nor are there additional charges for labor or miscellaneous expenses billed by most firms, e.g. copies, phone, etc. (with the exception of travel expenses by EMSI personnel on behalf of the client).

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