I know whenever EMSI pitches us a topic or guest that they will not be wasting their time or ours. They have done homework on our market, demographic & type of show so their suggestions make sense. I always have the information I need for the segment in a timely fashion & the guest has not only been media coached but seem to be aware & comfortable with the dynamics of the “Morning Scramble”. I’m a bit persnickety & really appreciate the organization & care they take with all of our interviews. We’re in good hands with EMSI!

Laura Holka, Producer, “Morning Scramble” AZTV

I have been privileged to interview guests and authors brought to me by EMSI on many occasions. No matter the topic, they are always excellent and informative, which is exactly what I seek to present to my viewers.

Arthelene Rippy, Producer/Host. CHRISTIAN TELEVISION NETWORK

I’ve been working with EMSI and financial expert Rick Rodgers for several months. Rick does a great job of providing quality conversations that resonate with our viewers long after the segment airs on television. I couldn’t be happier with the job he and everyone at EMSI does to provide this content.

Anthony Natale, Producer, FOX43 Morning News

We here at Shaw TV Calgary have enjoyed working with EMSI for the past couple years. In that time, the clients and story ideas that are pitched continue to be a great fit for our Channel with dynamic interview subjects. The locations and visuals that are set up through EMSI help us tell a story our viewers can engage and connect to.

Lisa Wolansky Senior Reporter/Producer, Shaw TV Calgary

I think your pitches are excellent. After one quick glance, I delete 90 percent of the pitches I get. Yours I tend to read — because they tell me what I need to know (not too much info, not too little) and in a minute I can determine whether what you’re pitching is something I want to pursue. They’re also very well-written.

Denise Couture, Producer – NPR

Have I ever told you guys you do the best, the most primo articles of any of the hundreds of PR firms I work with? They’re clear, there’s a bio on the left that’s a fast easy read — host friendly for on-air reference! Instead of doing my own time-consuming searches on backgrounders, you’ve got it all ready on one or two pages. In a field that’s rife with confused amateurs and laborious booking, my time’s never wasted with Event Management. Keep up the good work.

Barbara Sparhawk , Producer, International AM Radio Show

I get emails from hundreds of companies/people daily. Much of the time, I click delete. Sometimes, if the info looks promising and is something I want to share with readers, I’ll open it and find typos, incomplete links, no links or that it’s been addressed to the wrong name. But, you always supply the BEST info in the most professional manner and it’s a pleasure to share it. Thank you!

Melody Lesser, Founder of EverBeautiful.com

 Thanks for sending us press-ready and web-ready materials! I can’t believe how many people in this business are unable or unwilling to do that. You, however, make it a breeze! I even find myself looking forward to your emails. I don’t think you could make it easier for us if you tried. In fact, I’m sending your material to our public relations professors as a model of how to do PR the right way so that our PR students will takeyour techniques into the field with them. Thanks for that breath of fresh air!

Steven E. Opfer, Instructor, Faculty Adviser