Experts for Talk Radio Shows

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Experts for Talk Radio Shows

Do you need entertaining guests who can engage in lively, informative conversations?

Our experts for talk radio include professionals from financial advisers to physicians; accomplished filmmakers and musicians; foodies and nutritionists; scientists, ghost hunters, and everything in between.

Longtime former disc jockey and talk show host Rich Ghazarian supports busy hosts and producers with detailed scheduling confirmations and reminders. And he’s bailed out more than a few major syndicated shows facing a crisis by providing great last-minute guests.
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Rich Ghazarian came to News & Experts with a strong broadcast media background. For 15 years, he enjoyed much success in radio and television for 15 years as an on-air personality, program director and music director in stations from California to New York City. Ghazarian has led several stations he programmed to #1 ratings. After leaving the broadcast medium, Ghazarian worked for several advertising agencies in New York City, in multiple capacities for clients: account representative, creative director, copywriter and media planning and execution. Ghazarian joined News & Experts in 1998 as a Radio Campaign Manager and has been with the company ever since. As a result of his being on the “other side,” Ghazarian understands what makes for good programming and how to present his clients’ messages attractively to producers. His professionalism has earned us many accolades from producers and show hosts.