TV Appearances

TV Appearances

Why TV is Where You Need to Be

Being a featured guest on a local or national TV show automatically exposes you to a vast audience via a powerful medium. That’s because it relies so strongly on visuals, which evoke the most emotional response from people. When you’re on TV, your personality shines and viewers respond.

EMSI has been working with TV producers for 22 years. We understand how they determine suitability of guests, which topics and angles they focus on, and what information they consider important. We know how to get you on TV.

Top 4 Reasons You Should Choose EMSI to Book Your TV Interviews:

  1. Since EMSI is a Pay For Performance PR Firm, you do not pay us until we secure the TV interview for you.
  2. EMSI’s Creative Team will develop as many customized, topical pitches as needed to get you on the air. These pitches are written specifically for TV by a veteran producer on EMSI’s staff.
  3. EMSI will provide you with a TV media coaching session and mock interview.
  4. EMSI’s media division, News & Experts, will represent you to TV hosts, anchors and producers, positioning you as an expert in your field with important information to share.

What are You Waiting for?

When your TV interviews are shared via links on your website and on social media networks, their value grows. You’ll have the creditability you need to make prospective customers take notice.

Call us now at 1-800-881-7342 to find out which TV Campaign Package best fits your publicity goals and budget.

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