How Much PR Should You Have? Persistent and Consistent is Key to Success

How Much PR Should You Have? Persistent and Consistent is Key to Success

I’m always asked the question about how long a good publicity campaign should last. Invariably in the media business, more publicity is always better. Still, the question is a good one, and it bears answering.

To do that, I want you to think of the consumers you’re trying to reach as a quiet pond in the wilderness. If you want to make the pond ripple, throw a pebble in it. Big rocks make more waves than small pebbles, but even so, the ripples eventually end if all you’re doing is throwing in one rock at a time.

If you want the pond to ripple continuously, you can’t just throw in one pebble or even one giant rock. However, a steady stream of pebbles, timed so that the ripples never truly subside, will keep the pond moving from the vibrations you generate.

That’s the way it is with PR. A few pebbles are good, because you need to start getting your message out to consumers, and you never know who is reading, listening or watching. But what you really need is consistent exposure to create consumer awareness. Consumers need to know who you are and what you’re about, and awareness can’t be delivered with just a few pebbles. Awareness is something that is built from consistent publicity. Like it or not, that’s the honest truth.

Nothing good ever gets done without persistence, whether it’s establishing your career, starting a new company, launching a new brand or writing a book. The same holds true with your promotional efforts. A successful campaign requires more than the toss of just a few pebbles.

What it really boils down to is that the people who have real success with PR approach their public relations campaign with the same principals that they used to build a successful business – they were persistent and consistent, and they didn’t procrastinate. I bet if you ask anyone you know who has been perceived as an “overnight” success, they’ll tell you it was a really long night that led to their success.


  1. Great analogy and accompanying image of the “steady stream of peddles”…so the “ripples of never truly subsibe”.

    Thanks Marsha!

    • You’re so welcome, Ponn! 🙂



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