How YouTube Videos Can Boost Your Website Traffic

How YouTube Videos Can Boost Your Website Traffic

When I’m asked great questions about marketing, I enjoy sharing them – and the answers – here. I figure if one person asks the question, there are probably a lot more who’ve thought of asking the same thing!

Here are two recent ones:

  • What is the best way to use YouTube – have a channel or posts?
  • Which social media do you recommend starting with and how do you choose?

EMSI’s vice president of media operations, Alex Hinojosa, oversees strategy for our social media campaigns, so I asked him to share his thoughts.

YouTube, the popular site for sharing videos.

Videos are great because they’ve become so popular with internet users, Alex says.

“Most people would rather watch a video than read the information,” he says.

In order to upload videos to YouTube, you have to have a YouTube channel, which is like a public profile. To get a channel, you have to have a Google account. (Google bought YouTube in 2006.)

“If you don’t have a Google account, all you can do is subscribe to other people’s video channels and ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ the videos they post,” Alex says.

The good news is that anything Google owns, Google favors, and, given that its search engine is the world’s most popular, that can help you drive traffic to your website.

“After you create your video, name it with SEO in mind. That is, think about the terms people might use – relevant to your topic – when they’re doing a Google search,” Alex says.

For instance, if you sell hot sauces, “hottest hot sauces” might be a good SEO (search engine optimization) term for you. You would use “hottest hot sauces” repeatedly on your website, and you could use it in the title of your video. Then, whenever Google users search for “hottest hot sauces,” your website will appear higher in their search results.

Another valuable way to use your YouTube videos is to post them on your site, where they can help keep your visitors hanging around longer.

“That, too, will help your website show up higher in search results, because when Google sees people staying there longer, it concludes that your site is relevant and user-friendly and boosts its ranking,” Alex says.

The best social media site to start with.

The best social networking sites to start with are the ones where you’ll find your target audience, Alex says.

“Different sites tend to have different purposes, so they attract different types of users. If your audience includes business professionals, LinkedIn – the site for professional networking – would be a good one for you,” he says.

Some networking sites, such as Google+ and Twitter, attract a broad spectrum of users. Others draw more niche users. MySpace, for example, has become popular with musicians.

“I recommend being on at least two different platforms to start and expanding from there,” Alex says.

If you’re very new to social media, you might start with Facebook, just to get acclimated.

“You’ll probably find lots of friends and family on Facebook, so you’ll feel more comfortable getting used to the culture,” he says. “But it’s not the best for marketing purposes, so once you’ve got some confidence, spread your wings!”


I hope I’ve shed light on some questions that you’ve wanted to ask. If you’d like more information on social media marketing, visit, where you’ll find lots of articles that go into more depth.

Wishing you a relaxed week-before-Christmas!

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