Client Testimonials

“I began working with Marsha and her wonderful group of professionals at EMSI in January of 2009 for the promotion of my novel, Webs of Power. They will also be representing my sequel which will be released in September 2010. Marsha and her staff at EMSI are knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. As an author of character–driven fiction, it is difficult to find a publicist who is in tune with the promotional needs of a novel. However, the experts at EMSI were able to combine my background with the background of my novel and develop effective pitches which have landed me on close to 200 radio shows and 10 TV shows. Unlike my former publicist, who sent books out with pitches (a dial-a-prayer approach which turned hundreds of books into junk mail–many of which I found listed as used books on Amazon prior to my publication date). EMSI first created the interest through well developed pitches and sent books out only by request of the interested radio, TV, and print media producers. I appreciate not only ther expertise but their availability. In my opinion, Marsha and the staff of EMSI are the best. Something you hear very seldom when an author speaks of her publicist.”

Darlene Quinn, Author Webs of Power

“We at would like to thank you for the attention and professionalism that you have shown us throughout our radio campaign. We have had a great time introducing our service and hearing the comments from hosts and audiences alike. We are very pleased with the quality of radio stations that chose to have us on their show and directly attribute that to your hard work. Often times we were told that we are very fortunate to have such a great PR firm such as yours to be representing us. We agree. We will definitely recommend your firm to others.”, Michael Hartmann, CEO
“We are thoroughly pleased with the radio publicity campaign EMSI did for our artists. They arranged more talk radio interviews than we could have possibly projected — all quality shows in top markets! Every detail was addressed in the most professional and productive fashion with communication frequent and informative. They even called the day before every show to cover any possible last minute problems. We loved dealing with the staff at EMSI!”

Warner Bros./ Reprise Records, Chris Palmer, VP Progressive Music

“Shortly after a radio interview arranged by EMSI, my ranking at Amazon greatly improved. Seeing the needle move so quickly is direct evidence that this is the most affordable and effective way to promote your book. Thanks EMSI for delivering such great results in such a short time”

Joe Graedon, Nationally Syndicated columnist

“We’re absolutely thrilled with the work EMSI completed on our account. All the radio interviews were of high quality, with prepared, engaged hosts, and booked on stations in markets of importance to us. There’s no question we will engage with you again for future campaigns.”

Odyssey Marine Exploration, John McNeilly, Manager of Corporate Communications

“I highly recommend EMSI for their professional dedication in promoting my book. I appeared on over 40 radio shows around the country and my book was reviewed in USA Today, The NY Post, The NY Sun, and dozens of newspapers and magazines.”

Cherie Calbom, Best-Selling Author

“I had a horrible experience with a publicist. I paid them a big retainer month after month with little to show for it. My publisher recommended the team at EMSI. They are pay for performance.  The cost is very reasonable. You can specify what media, markets and your monthly budget. They are very professional – a real pleasure to work with. And the best part – within two weeks they had me begging for mercy I was so covered up in media! They are brilliant”

Kim Snider Financial Success Coach

“The EMSI staff is unsurpassed, their work is phenomenal. Whether it be radio, TV or print — your campaign is in the best hands. Deciding to work with EMSI was easy, and everything after that decision was golden.”

Nicole Rocheleau, Best-Selling Author

“As a former TV news anchor, I know the power of publicity campaigns. We have worked with more than fifty public relations professionals and firms over the past thirty years and EMSI has out-performed some of the best-known ‘names’ in the business. Equivalent air time on a commercial basis would have cost my client ten to twenty times as much as the EMSI campaign.”

IdeaWorks, Charles Ward, Managing Director

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