Case Studies

Michael Uslan Executive Producer of The Batman Films
[one-third]Michael Uslan - Batman[/one-third][two-thirds last=”y”]In the mid 1970s, Michael Uslan bought the film rights to a comic book character no movie studio cared about – Batman. For more than a decade, Michael labored with writers and producers, pitching his darkly elegant vision of this movie. Finally, in the late 1980s, Michael was able to assemble a team that included director Tim Burton and stars Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson to create the landmark movie Batmn.
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Dr. Harold Katz – Founder of The California Breath Clinics
[one-third]Dr. Harold Katz[/one-third][two-thirds last=”y”]He has turned what anyone else would have called a one-trick-pony into a media dynasty. Known around the country as The Bad Breath Doctor, Dr. Katz is a dentist who helped develop a product line called TheraBreath, an anti-bacterial bad breath cure. It is sold, in its many forms – breath
spray, chewing gum, etc. – in major big-box stores and chain pharmacies around the country.
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