Book Promotion

Book Promotion

You have been working yourself to exhaustion for countless hours and it’s finally finished; your book.

Now you’re ready for book promotion.

News and Experts has been promoting authors for over 26 years, and we can give you honest feedback of what can be achieved. You owe it yourself to invest in a well thought-out book promotion campaign that works towards your goals. News and Experts specialize in booking authors on talk radio, TV interviews, print interviews, and social media connections. News and Experts is an award-winning, top public relations firm that can do just that and more.

Here are 5 reasons to hire a publicity firm for book promotion:

  1. We Know How to Play the Publicity “Game.” Most authors know that we need media exposure, but have no idea where to start or who to call. Generating publicity can be difficult and even complex. You have to know the right shows, writers editors, the right stations, the right producers, and the right time to call or email. Hiring a publicist takes out all of the guesswork.
  2. We Will Help You Develop Your Message. One of the most valuable things a publicity firm can do is help you develop the right message or angle to use to get the media’s attention. We will examine your book and message and will be able to pick out the angle that will maximize interest in you and your book.
  3. We Will Get Your Message to the Right People. While it’s true that you can call TV stations, newspapers and radio stations to attempt to book yourself, you may not get very far. Many hosts and producers won’t even consider a guest unless they are represented by a publicist, assuming we even take your call in the first place. A good publicity firm knows how to provide an editor, writer, or show producer with everything we need to book you as a guest.
  4. We Have Established Relationships with the Media. Experienced publicists have cultivated strong relationships with writers, editors, talk radio hosts and producers. In some cases, these relationships last several years and help open up doors that might otherwise be closed. Often, a host will book a guest solely based on the recommendation of a trusted publicist.
  5. We Have the Experience to Guide You. Going out there and doing interviews without any tips or any guidance can be quite daunting. A good PR firm will be able to media coach you for all of the mediums.

By factoring in all of these advantages, a good PR firm will help alert the masses about your book.

Learn More About Each Service for Your Book Promotion

Talk Radio Interviews Getting Print Coverage TV Interviews Social Media Marketing Firm

You’ve already invested a lot of valuable time, passion, resources, and energy writing your book and getting it published; don’t give up yet. Instead, give us a call at 800-881-7342 or CLICK HERE to get your Free Media Analysis

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