Attorney PR and Publicity

Attorney PR and Publicity
How Do You Get Publicity for Your Legal Firm and Attorneys?

The more pervasive the media is, the more difficult it becomes to get its attention.

More people are on top of the news than ever before, but they aren’t just getting it from reading the newspaper, listening to talk radio or watching TV. They get it online, on TV at the airport, on their smartphones and even at the Wal-Mart checkout line watching preprogrammed monitors. With that much media surrounding us, you’d think it would be easier to be a part of it all.

 It’s Competitive, To Say The Least

Some law firms and attorneys spend $90,000 or more each year to get a smattering of news clips and a few choice interviews on radio and TV. The truth is that the more the media innovates, the less the old rules apply. In the past, good media placements relied on personal relationships and good networking. Yesterday’s top name journalists from publications like The New York Times and Wall Street Journal are today’s top bloggers and network pundits. You can’t reach them today at press and news conferences. But, if they friend you on Facebook, you’re golden. They live in the social network as well as the airwaves and reaching them is not a matter of contacts-it’s a matter of content. Today, what resonates most with them isn’t who you are, but what you have to say.

Today’s eyeballs are driven more by search engines and news aggregators like Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Google, than they are by The New York Times and Good Morning America. Understanding where those providers get their news and how to engage them is the key to cracking the new media code. That’s what we do.

 How Can EMSI Public Relations Boost Your Publicity?

It’s a mix of singles, doubles and triples as well. What’s more, our business model is perfectly suited for legal professionals and attorneys. Instead of big retainers and contracts that promise “best efforts,” we work on a promise of actual placements. Our Guaranteed Media program is an evolution of the old pay-for-performance model, adapted for the challenges and opportunities of today’s media landscape. And, our specialty is the entire menu-we cover it all with custom campaigns for print (traditional and online), TV, radio and social media.

Our PR agency is structured differently, with campaign managers for all the different mediums. This ensures that your work is handled directly by a seasoned professional and not a junior account executive who does all the work under the supervision of a seasoned professional.

So, if you’re tired of working harder and spending more for fewer results, ask us about EMSI’s Guaranteed Media Program. We get results. Guaranteed.

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